It is certainly difficult for a person who has gone bankrupt to obtain a loan of any kind. However, it's not impossible thanks to Rapide Auto Crédit: our experts will be able to offer you solutions to realize your car purchase project. Whether your bankruptcy is discharged or not, and even if you have filed for more than one, we will find a financing plan for you.

Although self-employed people do not necessarily lack income, their situation makes it more difficult to apply for a loan. Due to a status considered more unstable, they may be refused or face higher interest rates. Our team is able to find solutions that fit your lifestyle, including more flexible options. Our advisors can discuss this with you!

Financial institutions often turn their backs on people who have never or rarely borrowed, not knowing if they are good payers. This is the problem for many young drivers and newcomers, for example. However, having no record doesn't mean you can't repay a loan. That's why our experts find advantageous car loan solutions and equip you to build your credit file.

A low income often means more difficulty in finding financing, but especially in finding a plan that fits. You need to find an option that fits your budget, no matter how tight it is. Rapide Auto Crédit is staffed with understanding professionals who will discuss your situation with you. Through our partnership with many lenders, we can find a solution that fits your needs.

Even with a low income, it is always possible to find a solution. We consider your financial concerns and help you find a payment method that you are able to follow. We deal with several banking institutions to find a solution that is advantageous for each of our clients.

Yes, all the information you provide is kept confidential and is only used to find a customized financing plan. By applying online with Rapide Auto Crédit, you simplify the process and get a quick response, without having to go anywhere! The only time you will need to come in is when you sign your contracts when you purchase your car. We do all our communication securely, whether it's online or by phone.

There is no application fee when you apply online. You will be able to complete your application and get pre-approved completely free. Auto financing may include fees related to your credit report. Please contact us to find out more!

It is a complex calculation that takes into account, among other things, your credit file, the type of car chosen and the amount to be financed. It is therefore not possible to predict this rate before making the request. However, Rapide Auto Crédit always finds the best rates on the market for you and presents you with different options.

Unfortunately, no. Each loan application you make shows up on your file and can negatively affect it. Therefore, it's best to avoid making multiple applications. By dealing with a credit bureau like us, the process will be done in the right order: by having access to a vast network, our experts identify the ideal lender. There is no need for multiple applications. Fill out our form and get access to the best offer for you!

The time will generally depend on the complexity of your case. However, in many cases, it is possible to get your new car the same day you apply for pre-approval! The total time required from application to vehicle purchase is most often between 24 and 72 hours.

While some dealerships put forward this idea, it should be taken with a grain of salt. Beware of magical thinking! In the long run, it is possible, but good payment habits and certain conditions must be respected. If you wish to re-establish your credit file, discuss it with our experts, who will be able to give you sound advice.

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