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When it comes to buying a car, payment can be a complex matter for many: while they don't have the money in their pocket, buyers may face numerous bank loan applications.

At Rapide Auto Crédit, we make sure that no one is left behind. Have you experienced financial difficulties lately? There is no refusal with us: there is a suitable solution for each of our valued customers.

There are many reasons for a bad credit report: bankruptcy, debt, irregular employment, and lack of experience can hold back many consumers who have not yet proven themselves. Newcomers, the self-employed and students, for example, are too often penalized for not having a record.

With us, your financial difficulties do not define you. Each of our clients deserves a chance and we offer solutions that benefit everyone. Don't give in to financing plans with outrageously high rates: Rapide Auto Crédit has options for you.

Our trusted team is a partner of the Credit Institute of Canada and has over 25 years of experience in specialized credit. Our many financial partners, including major banking institutions, give us access to a wide range of offers.

Our professionals have a global vision that allows them to find the lowest rates on the market. They can also offer you flexible plans if needed.

Save yourself the hassle of multiple applications and time-consuming research: with us, you only need one application. All you need to do is give us some information about your financial situation and budget and we will take care of the rest!

A team that wants you well
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The professionals at Rapide Auto Crédit want to see you drive away in your ideal car. To do this, they make sure to find a financing plan that you will be able to meet.

After all, our goal is not only for you to be able to buy your car, but more importantly, for you to be able to keep it for as long as you want!

Our team is understanding and attentive to your concerns: finances can be a tricky subject, but our experts will put you at ease. Many years of experience have allowed us to work with cases from the simplest to the most complex.

In addition, our professionals will be able to provide you with personalized advice to help you improve. Indeed, by respecting certain conditions, you can re-establish your credit file thanks to the car loan. Our customer experience is a service that goes beyond expectations.

To begin your process, all you need is a few clicks. Tell us about your budget, your employment situation and the vehicle you are looking for so that we can better assist you. One of our advisors will then contact you to discuss the different options with you.

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